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Table 1. Specifications of OBD data required from SAE J1939-compatible vehicles Field Description Message ECU# PGN SPN Variable Name Length Type Layout Range Comments Device & Test Information Device Name DN n/a DeviceNamen/a n/a 50 S n/a n/a Device Serial Number DSN n/a n/a n/a DeviceSerialNumber 12 S n/a n/a Begins with MFGBelow is the SPN definition from J1939-71 from the first SPN in the above PGN: SPN 3365 Data Length: Resolution: Relative Blade Height 2 bytes 0.1 mm/bit, -3,200 mm offset Data Range: -3,200 to 3,225.5 mm Type: PGN reference: Measured 61460 Operational Range: same as data range Document: J1939-71 Observations: Resolution provides the scale and ... J1939 attempts to define standard PGNs to encompass a wide range of automotive, agricultural, marine and off-road vehicle purposes. The actual data in the data field is described by the SPNs. Note: You will need a copy of the SAE J1939/71 standard for a detailed description of all PGNs and SPNs. You may find some of them by browsing the Internet, but be aware that there is no complete online reference. The J1939 Receive block receives a J1939 message from the configured CAN device. The J1939 database file defines the nodes and parameter groups. You specify the J1939 database with the J1939 Network Configuration block.