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If you use a shutter speed of 0.5 seconds and press the shutter you’ll see that the image will come out less sharp than if you use a delayed shutter. Pros of the Delayed Shutter: It’s a standard function in most digital cameras and smartphones. It’s free. It reduces vibration and leads to a sharper image. I cannot seem to figure out how to connect Sharper Image wireless headphones (No. 203787) to my new LG 55UG6450 Smart TV. It says to connect to Audio Out jacks at the back -- but I only see an Audio In. Thanks in advance for your help FPV Camera Image Sensors – CCD vs CMOS One big confusion and misconception when it comes to FPV Cameras are the CCD and CMOS. Despite the huge amount of science and technical information behind the subject when comparing the two, we will only discuss the few basic things that matter to us as FPV hobbyists. + Add a camera Connecting WiFi Refresh all the camera previews at once Camera List The Wi-Fi Cam app is compatible with: iOS 6.0 and later • Android 4.0 and later If the camera does not do these things, it needs to be reset (please see the previous section, Resetting the Camera).