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Flow Rack Modeling. Fixed bins. Back bin: replenishment. Front bin: picking. Two storage types for process control. Layout-oriented storage control (LOSC) Material flow from supply rack to front bin. Automatic warehouse task confirmation. Back to front bin 9 Lesson: Integrating a Material Flow System 11 Unit 6: Integration of Manufacturing 11 Lesson: Integrating Manufacturing Processes 11 Lesson: Working with Serial Numbers 11 Lesson: Using Quality Management in SAP EWM 11 Lesson: Setting Up a Kit-To-Order Process 13 Unit 7: EWM Analytics 13 Lesson: Using Monitoring and Analytical Functions Learn SAP WMS (Warehouse Management System) Tutorial, Material for Beginners, Free SAP WMS (Warehouse Management System) Training Tutorials from basic to advanced concepts. SAP WMS module has several features like Warehouse Structure, Goods Movements, Controlling, Inventory etc. SAP EWM Tutorial, Tcodes & PDF Training Materials. SAP EWM is an alternative of traditional SAP Warehouse Management solution coming with ECC. Initially SAP EWM was developed as a part of SCM (Supply Chain Management) solution. EWM stands for extended warehouse management. It handle warehouse management processes like goods movement and stock ...