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Median absolute deviation. It’s a robust way to estimate the standard deviation, for data with outliers. It’s not used very often. In summary, the IQR and the standard deviation are the two most common measures used to report the variability of the data. RESULTS: Among 25 patients admitted with MIS-C (60% male; median age 9.7 [interquartile range 2.7–15.0] years), ECG anomalies were found in 14 (56%). First-degree atrioventricular block (AVB) was seen in 5 (20%) patients a median of 6 (interquartile range 5–8) days after onset of fever and progressed to second- or third-degree AVB in 4 patients. Mean = 5, Mode = 5, Median = 5 for both data sets (They do not differ)-all zoo penguins hallucinate after traveling 5 mile, while there is much more variability in the distances traveled by South Pole Penguins.-In order to draw accurate conclusions about our data both central tendency and variability must be considered.