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Minecraft Seeds with Mansions PC. Here are the 5 Minecraft seeds with mansions right near your spawn locations. We will list out the seed codes as well as the exact coordinate where you can find these giant structures. Check them out: #1 Seed: Desert Temple and Mansion Seed. Seed ID: -6991895562573809762Today I am going to be Showcasing the Top 3 Most Amazing Woodland Mansion Seeds in Minecraft! enjoy.Subscribe to my other channel and follow me on Social M... For those that like a nice "starter base" (Woodland Mansion) by spawn - Seed: -414409674800878753. Custom World, Biomes of size 6 (This is important, or else you get a forest with nearby plains, dark oak forest, and a tall basalt volcano, but no mansion) Spawn is in the plains, has a village, and Woodland Mansion at about 300, 400.