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I´ve been using gas damage but i some people say that viral is better others say that explosive is better blablabla what do you think, which is the most used elemental damage by the comunity?Elemental Damage Properties. Your attacks will vary in effectiveness depending on their elemental properties and the resistances of your target. You will have a much easier time dealing with a monster by attacking it with an elemental property it is weak to. Elemental properties include: - Fire - Water - Thunder - Ice - Dragon. Abnormal Status ... As the title implies, a quick searchable and filterable table of monster elemental weaknesses, breakables, and weakpoints in Monster Hunter World. After the table, there are also some informational tidbits about Monster Weaknesses. Recent Updates: Rajang added. Iceborne mega-update. MHW Monster Elemental Weakness, Breaks & Weakpoints Table Along with Defense, every piece of armor has Elemental Resistances. These resistances determine how much damage you receive from elemental attacks. For every positive point of resistance for a certain element that you have, you will take 1% less damage from any attack with that element. Conversely, for every negative point of resistance for a certain element you have, you will take 1% more ...