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Solution 6. Repair iPhone System to Fix Cellular Data Now Working without Data Loss; Solution 1. Disable and Enable Cellular Data. Some people encountered cellular data not available for voice call or not working for some apps on iOS 14, the easiest fix is to turn it off and then turn on again. To do this, go to Settings -> Cellular ->Cellular ...Open Settings > tap on Cellular. 2. On the next screen, toggle ON the option for Cellular Data. Scroll down more on the same screen, enable Cellular Data for all the necessary Apps. To save Cellular Data, you may also want to disable Cellular Data for Apps that you do not use. Oct 17, 2016 · Solution: In theory, older phones should work iOS 9, for example, but there may have been a security update that also killed PTPP for earlier iOS versions. Hi,I am having issues with our vpn's.It appears that all my users are unable to use their VPN (on laptop) when connected to an iPhone Hotspot.When using the same laptops connect...