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Answers to Practice Test Questions 6 . Entropy and Free Energy . 1. Enthalpy of formation (and free energy of formation) is the enthalpy change (and free energy change) involved in producing a compound from its elements in their standard states. Since hydrogen gas is an element in its standard state, its enthalpy of formation (and free energy of What about the entropy of living vs. dead things? If we drop our notion of which is more or less orderly, and think thermodynamics, it becomes easy. A 50 kg living person has lots of water content. The heat capacity is high. The entropy of this system is large. A dry, decaying corpse, let’s say also 50 kg, has a lower heat capacity, lacking liquids. Second law: This law states that "all processes in nature tend to occur with an increase in entropy and the direction of change always lead to the increase in entropy." Third law: This law states that "The entropy of a perfect crystal of each element and a compound is zero at absolute zero." Chemical Interview Questions; Question 3.Dec 15, 2010 · 15 ANNA UNIVERSITY CHENNAI : : CHENNAI – 600 025 AFFILIATED INSTITUTIONS B.E. (8 SEMESTER) ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING CURRICU...