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The crawler finds webpages containing D3 charts, the deconstructor extracts the visual style and structure of the charts (e.g. the data, the marks and the encodings) and the search interface lets users query for charts that include specific aspects of style and structure. design queries. To build the engine we crawl a collection of 7860 D3 Jul 07, 2016 · First, check out the following viz created using D3.js. #1: Gradient Sparkline. D3 codes in ES6: sparkline = => {// clear old dashboard elements if there are any Create lines for the legend by creating a 2-point dataset; Appending text objects for each of the legend labels; Our legend lines with go from [750, 800] in our plot, and will be at y-values of 1.9 for Sample 1, and 1.7 for Sample 2.