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Most recently I had the opportunity to move to a role within BT to be at the exciting edge of new software defined networking / cloud technologies, working primarily with Cisco’s new platform – Application Centric Infrastructure to deliver and maintain the next generation of customer networks through Fabric and SDN/SDA. Feb 12, 2020 · Smart Card ToolSet PRO is based on the MS Smart Card Service which implements the PC/SC Specifications 1.0. It means that you can successfully use any of PC/SC compatible devices like the card readers, USB tokens e.t.c., and you may work with any of ISO-7816 compatible smart cards like the GSM SIM cards, EMV payment cards, identity and ... Symptom: Scheduled automatic synchronization in Smart Software Manager Satellite 6.0 & 6.1 EE versions does not work. Conditions: Satellite server versions 6.0 EE and 6.1 EE. Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software Cluster Management Protocol Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, SN2017-04-12 01 CISCO Switches with Telnet enabled. Enter this request code in the Cisco Smart Software Manager portal: CB-ZWS-C3850-24T:FCW2723F0BX-AK9A6sMTr-47 (Example output).