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Meaning of Colors Overview *Special Note* Scroll down past the overview to find the specific color meanings and symbolism for individual colors. Nature abounds with color. It is as if, at the beginning of time, a clever painter used the world as an intricate canvas. This color is due to the deposition of lipochrome which is the yellow pigment in the iris becoming dominant. While this is a very rare eye color in humans it is quite common in wolves which is why people with amber eyes are often said to have “wolf eyes.” 3. Violet eye. Violet eyes make their appearance at number three on the list. What is the name of a phenomenon where one of the human eyes is seeing brighter/more saturated color than the other? I can observe the same object from the same position while alternating which eye is closed, and there's a visible difference in the saturation of color. Like one color is more pale than the other.