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i paid 250.00 bucks ,good price The stock injectors are 22 lb dont go over that because you will need a custom eprom and ajustable fuel regulator. The injectors the Nissan motors use and their sizes stock. RB20 det uses top feed high impedance injectors 270cc RB25 uses side feed high impedance injectors 370cc these are the same as the sr 20 det. RB26 uses top feed low impedance injectors. 440cc SR20 uses side feed high impedance 370cc injectors (same as rb25) The outer two injectors in this video are the modified 5.3L denso flex fuel injectors, the inner two injectors are deka 80's. They almost flow the same. Its believed the 5.3L denso flex fuel injectors flow 78lb/hr, but none have been sent out for flow testing to verify that number to the best of my knowledge.